Welcome to the Future of the aDrive Army!

Posted on November 15, 2021


What is going on aDrive Army, it's your boy Dan, aka aDrive bringing you guys something truly special. aDriveLIVE is now a thing, a one stop place for everything aDrive Army. From Merch to Streams and much more! I'm so excited for this next chapter in the aDrive community.

I'll be using these Blog Posts very frequently, hopefully a few times per week, to give you some behind the scenes look into what is going on in my little world. From Early Access merch drops, to heads up with Pokemon TCG restocks, and much more, the list goes on and on.

Sign up, make an account and get ready to see the world of aDrive like never before! A special shoutout to those who are willing and able to become aDrive Army+ Members! I'll be providing even more epic content and access for you over the coming weeks.

The Nintendo Switch + BDSP Giveaway is global and I'll be picking the winner by the end of the month! Make sure you sign up today (this is a free giveaway)

I'll leave you with a teaser into the future… Expect to see aDrive in a whole new way on your mobile devices soon.

Love yall and thank you! Dan aka aDrive

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